We take your safety and the safety of our staff seriously. We are open to service your eye care needs, but we are limiting the number of appointments that we see in a day to limit the number of people in the office at any given time.

We will wear a mask to protect you; please do the same to protect us.

VIRTUAL WAITING ROOM:  Please call or text us at 480-443-1150 when you arrive to the office for an appointment or to pick up product or have eye wear adjusted. We will let you know when it is best for you to enter the office.  We will limit person to person contact.

Please do not bring additional people with you.  If you have people with you then please have them wait in the car if possible.  If not, we will accommodate guests in separate social distancing areas.

We can bring your product purchases to you.  We can also take payments through Text to Pay or on the phone prior to pick up to limit your exposure.

WELLNESS FORM:  You will have a Wellness Form texted to you 2 hours prior to your appointment time.  Please fill out and return to us.  If you do not respond to the text, then we will have you fill out the form prior to entering the office. We may also take your forehead temperatures upon arrival.  Please to do not come to the office if you have a fever, sore throat, dry cough, loss of taste/ smell or have been to a high risk area within the last 2 weeks.  This will also apply to anyone "dropping in" without an appointment for product pick up unless you remain in your car.

DISINFECTION:  We have always been very concerned about cleanliness, but we are doing even more regular disinfection of common surfaces.  We have hand sanitizers and sinks to wash; please use them.

If you are looking for eyeglasses, we will assist you in order to limit the number of frames that require disinfection prior to the next patient.

SOCIAL DISTANCING:  While you are in the office, please be conscious not to invade the space of others, especially if you are in the Optical area.  We have removed some seating to provide a safe distance between people.  Our staff have protective plexiglass in front of their workstations.  Please communicate with them through those barriers. 

CONTACT LENS SHIPPING:  We can ship, free of charge, any contact lens order of two or more boxes and payments can be taken on the phone or Text to Pay.